AntiDDoS1550 defense host (4 x GE(RJ45)+ 4 x GE Combo, 4GB Memory, 2 power modules) with HW General Security Platform Software (EXCLUSIEF SOFTWARE LICENTIES).

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Huawei Anti-DDoS-1550

Designed for carriers, enterprises, data centers, and ICP service providers (including Web portals, game service providers, online videos, DNS service providers, and CDN services), the solution enhances thedefense capability against application-layer attacks and the attacks in IPv6-IPv4 composite networking. This fully ensures network security and service continuity.

Anti-DDoS-1550 delivers industry-leading processing performance, high detection ratios, and second latencies. It generates
comprehensive reports that help simplify management, and enables capacity expansion at a low operating expense (OPEX).

Precise and comprehensive
Precise and comprehensive defense against hundreds of attacks and IPv6 defense. Value-Ability to defend against 30% more attacks than like products in the industry
  • Unique ability to defend against SSL DDoS attacks
  • Global first error-free attack identification solution
  • Industry-leading IPv6 attack defense capabilities
  • Particular seven-layer filtering and credit analysis
  • Intelligent IPv4/IPv6 dual stack
  • Intelligent redirection
  • Self-configuration of defense policies and generation of independent security reports, providing invisibility into defense effects
  • Self-extraction of attack fingerprints, implementing emergency defense and effectively defending against zero-day attacks


Productcode: 235G77W

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