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Revolutions Controls BV

Designing controls for steam and gas turbines is our core business. Revolution Controls aims to be an additional engineering resource available to your company to assist with turbine and other control related issues. We offer our services based on a lot of expertise in the field of turbines in both electrical and mechanical driver applications. Please feel free to evaluate our products and services in the above menu to find out how we can be of assistance to your company.

Revolution Controls B.V. was founded in May 2005 by former members of the engineering, training staff and engineering services of Woodward Governor in Hoofddorp, the Netherlands. Combined we have over 34 years of experience. We envision to offer our extensive rotating equipment experience to support engineering companies using Woodward and other equipment. The role of Revolution Controls is to provide these companies technical and capacity support in the following fields of expertise:

• Consultancy
• Engineering
• Commissioning
• Customer training
• Service

Revolution Controls is an independent company. Control platforms offered are Siemens S7 PLC’s and Woodward systems or similar.

Revolution Controls BV
Tingietersweg 115
2031 ER Haarlem
+31 (0)237 112 293