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Looking for an engineer?

Koning & Hartman Professional Services boasts an extensive team of engineers specialised in installing, managing and maintaining telephony systems and networks. That might be a PABX or VoIP telephony system, but we are also where to turn to for a complete Unified Communications solution or in the field of networks. We furthermore have engineers for all major brands in this respect: Avaya, Mitel/Aastra, NEC, KPN ÉÉN, as well as engineers specialising in Dealing & Trading systems, and special LAN and WAN engineers specialised in configuring LAN & WAN Switches.

System-specific training on site

A share of our engineers specialise in providing device and system training sessions on site. Consider using devices in a network, managing the switchboard and registering your telephone system costs. Where necessary, we perform the training session entirely in consultation with you. For questions about the training sessions, please get in touch with us.

Would you like more information?
We work for both major organisations and SMEs: we provide management and maintenance, but also training and education irrespective of the size of your system or network. We also hire out our engineers as temporary workforce for filling in during holidays or other leave, for instance. Would you like more information, with no obligation? Please get in touch with us through this page.

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