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Dealing Rooms

In the world of banks and insurers, the 24-hour economy is a fact. Globalisation requires real-time information to be available, so there can be an immediate reaction to events in other countries and parts of the world. At the same time, strict regulations must be adhered to relating to precision concerning order completion. This is in view of reliability, liability and fraud prevention. Your dealing and trading systems (arbitration systems) are key within this entire process.

Koning & Hartman is where to turn to for an integrated approach of installation, management and maintenance of your dealing room.

Brand-independent services

Our extensive knowledge and experience means Koning & Hartman is where to turn to for service on dealing for all leading suppliers.

Why choose Koning & Hartman?
Koning & Hartman is the largest telecoms service provider in the Netherlands. Thanks to our Field Service Organisation with national coverage, consisting of almost 300 certified Field Service Engineers, you are ensured the form of service best suiting your company. That could be 24/7, ad-hoc or now a customised Service Level Agreement (SLA).
We take one, several or all complex tasks concerning your dealing room off your hands: from implementation and installing to migration, remote and on-site maintenance. At Koning & Hartman, you will find all the building blocks for an integrated approach:

• Helpdesk & Support                • Hardware services
• TeleMutationSupport (TMS)   • Site survey
• Troubleshooting                       • Management reports
• Staging                                       • Release management

Our experience in the field of dealing rooms is demonstrated by the many projects we execute and guide within the financial world.

Dealing room systems
Besides management and maintenance, you can also turn to Koning & Hartman for advice when it comes to systems for dealing and trading. 

Although arbitration systems were originally developed for use in dealing rooms within the financial world, these have also proven to be extremely suitable for control rooms. You can read more on control rooms here.

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Would you like to know about the solutions we can offer? Get in touch with us, with no obligation, for a customised consultation.

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