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For over 15 years, one of our subsidiaries was itself a network operator. After this network with 400,000 broadband connections was sold off, this network knowledge remained in house. This means we know exactly what is needed for setting up, managing and maintaining a network.

Koning & Hartman is now a turnkey specialist in integrated network solutions, and the largest telecom-service provider in the Netherlands. Managing and maintaining networks is essential for any company. Whether this concerns systems for covering mobile networks indoors, telephony systems, fibre-optic networks or existing cable networks, we have the expertise in house for ensuring you can always rely on your network. Koning & Hartman manages various national communication networks, around the clock, seven days a week. With KH Uptime Services we offer solutions for companies and organisations where reachability and availability are indispensable.

Read more on how we can help you out with the service & management of your systems, for instance:
• Telephony systems (including PABX, VoIP, UC&C)
• Networks (including Routing & Switching, WLAN & WiFi, Radio Communication, UC&C and GSM/LTE/3G/4G)
• Fibre optic & COAX
• Control room systems
• Voice-logging
• Dealing rooms
• Spare Parts Management
• Repair & Assembly
• Remote Service Center
• Field Services
• WiFi & WLAN Scans

You can read more on the products and solutions we provide in the field of telecoms, industry and infrastructure here.


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