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Windows Embedded

Microsoft® Windows® Embedded is a platform offering the possibility to create PC systems (mini or otherwise) with a set function. These might include systems for controlling machinery, retrofitting in cars, information pillars, narrow-casting media applications, field registration of log systems, thin clients, Point-of-Sales, security solutions and applications in the field of healthcare.

In which sectors can you find the Windows Embedded Solutions?
Koning & Hartman specialises in industrial computers, embedded PCs and other digital solutions for professionals. Whether it involves one or two units or large quantities, Koning & Hartman makes the difference – even if you're seeking out a tailor-made solution to your problem. With Windows Embedded in combination with industrially design computers, you always have a reliable and flexible solution at hand. Windows Embedded offers organisations access to a wide range of systems and services, resulting in a clearly visible advantage. Windows Embedded solutions can be found in the following sectors, among others:

- Retail & Hospitality: Such as Point of Sale & Point of Service (POS) applications and use in till systems, etc.
- Security: Storing and processing large quantities of data, such as security cameras, etc.
- Healthcare: Platforms, tools and technologies providing the ICT systems of hospitals and care institutions, etc.

What Embedded Products are there?
Windows Embedded POSReady 7, Windows Embedded Standard 7, Windows Embedded 8, Windows Embedded Standard, Windows XP Embedded, Windows Embedded Enterprise, Windows Embedded Server, Windows Embedded CE.

You will of course also find all the Windows Embedded products in our webshop.

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Product training
Koning & Hartman is not just a supplier of the various Embedded solutions; our product experts also provide training sessions on the different platforms such as Windows Embedded Standard and POSReady. You will find a summary of all training sessions and workshops on the (Dutch) Koning & Hartman Academy page.

Should you have any specific queries or Windows Embedded related questions, please get in touch with us so that we can provide you customised advice.


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