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Solenoid Valves

At Koning & Hartman, you will find the complete range of solenoid valves from Parker-Lucifer. These valves, for liquids or gasses, are used in aviation and space travel, the chemical industry, food-manufacturing industry, oil and gas industry, transport, agriculture, construction, medical industry, process industry, packaging industry, shipping, etc.

In our webshop (Dutch) you will find a number of example models of Parker-Lucifer solenoid valves.

Your customised solenoid valve
The advantage of Parker valves is the modular structure. Each solenoid valve is composed of a flap, a reel and housing. At Koning & Hartman, we determine precisely how your solenoid valve should turn out based on your wishes. The years of experience and the modular structure mean we have a solenoid valve for nearly any application. A number of factors when choosing the right valve are:
• Number of inlet and outlet channels
• Type of liquid or gas that has to pass through the valve
• Pressure difference in front of and behind the valve
• Temperature of the liquid or gas that has to pass through the valve
• Mechanical connection of the inlet and outlet
• Function; normally open/closed or ‘control by electric pulse’
• Flow factors

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