Automating a machine without sensors is inconceivable. The application can vary from straightforward presence monitoring to positioning, distance measurement, colour monitoring, etc. By using the sensors, the finish of the products and the speed of production can be optimised. At Koning & Hartman, we not only supply a complete range of sensors for every industrial application, but we also boast expertise for advising you on the right sensor for your application.

In our webshop you will find various types of sensors, each for their specific application and the corresponding properties.  An overview of the various types of sensors:

Fiber & Optic
Opto Sensors (also known as Fibre Sensors) are used for detecting, counting or positioning objects and works by sending and receiving light.

Ultrasound sensors are wear-resistant, can be used in difficult environments and detect practically any material, irrespective of structure or shape.

Encoders (or axis encoders) are sensors that generate signals in response to rotation. This can be used to measure linear movements, etc.

Approach & end stop
One of the most common applications is detecting the presence of objects. Approach sensors and end-stop sensors are extremely suitable for this.

The majority of sensors can be delivered with connector junctions. Thanks to these connectors, the production stop can be restricted to a minimum when replacing a sensor.

Motion & loop
Motion detectors are activated when moving persons or objects enter the area monitored. Loop detectors are used for vehicle detection.

Pressure detectors (transmitters, switches, level) are sensors that measure different forms of pressure for gasses and liquids.

Magnetic field
Magnetic-field sensors are there for the most serious industrial circumstances. These electronic cylinder sensors are suitable for cylinders from all major manufacturers, and can be used a replacements for reed switches.

Camera vision
Recognising characters with a Vision System is a frequently used function for industrial application, such as monitoring the presence and accuracy of serial numbers and codes.

Laser sensors are contactless position switches. The application of laser light offers an exceptionally wide range of application, and makes detecting extremely small objects possible.

Counters are applied, among other things, for counting passengers and measuring materials. Time relays are used for making machines start or stop in a delayed fashion.

Temperature regulators
Temperature regulators are extremely accurate, easy to operate and have multiple inputs meaning diverse communication is possible.

Our webshop (Dutch) offers sensors exclusively from top brands, such as Bircher, Kübler, Parker-Lucifer and Panasonic.

Expert advice
Choosing the right sensor for your application is of course not always easy. Koning & Hartman boasts extensive experience and expertise in the field. If you have any queries, our product experts will be happy to help.


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