Koning & Hartman supplies a wide selection of products for professional mobile communication, and thus there you will also find a complete range of professional radios.

Anywhere where critical information is needed and a mobile device is insufficient, a radio is the professional and reliable solution. Radios are employed for a large number of professional applications such as industry, construction, public order and safety, events, ports, shops, security, energy/water management, and company first response. Among radios there are various types to be distinguished: analogue radios (VHF and UHF), digital radios, TETRA PMR, military and ATEX-qualified radios.  Koning & Hartman offers the right radio for each application; we also boast a complete range of professional Peltor headsets.

We are also whom to turn to if you’re seeking a total solution in the form of a complete system or network for our radios.

For a full overview of all walkie-talkies (including specification and documentation) and accessories, please go to the radio section of our webshop (Dutch).

If you’re looking for a product you can’t immediately find on our website or in the webshop, you can of course get in touch with us. Our product experts will be happy to help you.

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