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Network Solutions

Koning & Hartman will gladly help you create as efficient, scalable, secure and manageable a next generation network as possible.
A future-proof network is indispensable for optimising your business results. A high-quality network facilitates your employees, customers and guests in using a device of choice (laptop, tablet and mobile telephone), irrespective of whether this device is privately owned or the company’s (‘Bring Your Own Device’, BYOD). It is thus vitally important your business network meets the requirements for high bandwidth use and the increasing demand for cloud computing and multimedia applications.

Manage you own network

It is furthermore important your network manager is enabled to manage your network optimally. For instance, provide your conference room more bandwidth, so that your director is able to conduct a video conference in real-time with customers and partners all over the world. By setting rights and access levels at user and device level yourself, you have full control over the entire network. Since you are at all times able to view the network’s user statistics, you are able to create scalable network that grows along with your company.

Koning & Hartman closely monitors the latest developments in the field of networking. A good example of this is SDN (Software Defined Networking), whereby programming network functionalities real-time is made possible by moving control and forwarding functions to the network operating system. The suppliers Koning & Hartman work with have introduced the first SDN programmable switches.

On our website you will find more information on our solutions in the field of switching, routing, WLAN and security. Koning & Hartman are also whom to turn to when it comes to data-centre solutions.

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