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Level Measurement Systems

Any kind of level measurement of liquids in tanks can be performed using level measurement instruments. Float switches, measurement-value providers, magnetic approach switches, electrodes and other measurement devices are applied in many different industries. At Koning & Hartman you will find made-to-measure solutions for a wide variety of industries: oil and gas, food, pharmaceutical, chemical and machine construction are part of our everyday business. In these industries, level measurement devices are indispensable.

With the Kübler product range, at Koning & Hartman you will find a wide range of measurement and regulating systems for all kinds of liquids with temperatures up to 450 degrees Celsius, and pressures up to 400 bar.

Your customised measurement system
The large quantity of design variables mean nearly every measurement and regulation system can be made to customer specifications. Since every tank, each medium, every measurement, the number of switch point, the position of the switch point, the process connection, the electronic connection and all other variables are application dependent, the right solution for the application is made to customer specifications. Curious about the possibilities? Get in touch with the Koning & Hartman product experts.


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