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KVM Solutions

At Koning & Hartman you will find the complete range of Keyboard, Video and Mouse (KVM) solutions from Güntermann & Drunck.
KVM stands for Keyboard, Video and Mouse. We distinguish three different product groups within the range of KVM solutions: KVM switches, KVM extenders and KVM matrix switches. Each of these groups ensures that your IT infrastructure is arranged more efficiently. But what exactly is the difference between these three groups?

KVM switches give a user the chance to select different PCs and workstations through one keyboard/monitor/mouse combination.  
• With a KVM extender you ensure you are able to work from an industrial control room, for instance, at a work station physically in a different (safe and clean) environment.  
• A KVM matrix switch consists of the combination of a switch and an extender in one. These matrix switches are primarily used with complex KVM configuration with several users and a large number of work stations and servers, or in configurations within which large distances have to be bridged.

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The top manufacturer in the field of KVM solutions is Germany's Güntermann & Drunck. Koning & Hartman is official distributor of Güntermann & Drunck in the Netherlands and Belgium. We design, deliver, install and maintain solutions in the field of KVM Switches and Extenders for industrial control rooms in the chemical/petrochemical industry, shipping and offshore. We also offer various complete solutions in the field of control rooms, traffic management and dealing-room applications.


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