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KH Information Server: Applications & Branches

Food & Beverage
The KH Information Server allows the exchange of data, order processing and recipe management data between various (industrial) automation systems. This eliminates manual operations between the production processes and MES or ERP systems. As a result, management will have a better understanding of the production process, it eliminates the possibility of incorrect manual data entry and thus FTEs can be better utilized. The newfound insights can then be used to target KPIs (Manufacturing KPIs). The KHIS can supply and process real-time data (the combined response and execution time of the task is less than the permitted time). By using data acquisition and storage of different batches the KH Information Server also supports Tracking & Tracing to comply with laws and regulations.

For companies in the Utilities sector the KH Information Server is useful for data acquisition from geographically remote systems. This allows the retrieval of data from smart meters and pumps. In turn, they are linked to a system on a central location which allows remote monitoring and managing. In addition, engineers can be deployed more effectively when preventive or corrective maintenance is required. The KH Information Server provides real-time insights of the systems, so maintenance requirements can be forecasted. We also advise on what data should be used for such an analysis or optimization. The KH Information Server also provides a fault message module. The (prioritized) failures via SMS or E-mail are sent to the appropriate people or departments.

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM)
As OEM businesses, systems must satisfy the needs of the customers. With the KH Information Server, you are no longer tied to a single vendor, because the KH Information Server can convert proprietary protocols to standard open protocols. This gives a better negotiating position towards suppliers and makes each product compatible with each system.

Big Data
As a progressive company, it is important to generate data, but what data do you collect, from what equipment and how do you make information from raw data? Alternatively, it may be that you just have an enormous amount of data, how to analyze it? What data do you need to make the right decisions and how do you visualize it? These are important questions and in the answers the KH Information Server can play an important role. The KHIS can collect data from multiple systems, structure and prepare it for analysis and optimization. Possible results of smart algorithms can be directly submitted to the process again, allowing you to both analyze smart, but also respond immediately and automatically. From collection to analysis, we can advise on the right approach and the necessary tools.

Learn more about the application of the KH Information Server in your company; please contact our team of product experts for advice.



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