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KH Information Server

Full control over your entire production process without having to manually convert data from one system to another? All kinds of (new) systems independently and easily connected to your existing (old) systems? Connect your devices, systems and peripherals with their different protocols effortlessly with the Koning & Hartman Information Server.

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Smart Industry and the Internet of Things are hot topics right now. Data should be available on demand and 'lean' is the order of the day. Companies are increasingly becoming one dynamic whole in which all systems are interconnected. However, establishing these connections, enabling these different systems to communicate with each other, meeting regulatory requirements, and processing the resulting "Big Data", are common challenges industrial companies face.

In order for management to act on these challenges in a cost-effective way, flexibility in their IT infrastructure is of great importance. Not all systems in the production process can be coupled to an ERP system or a central database (vertical integration), and it is therefore often difficult for management to cope with these challenges. The Koning & Hartman Information Server can facilitate this flexibility and enables the different systems to communicate with one other. In addition, we advise companies on the entire Internet of Things architecture, from building a factory environment to data processing and optimization.

What is the Koning & Hartman Information Server?
The KH Information Server (KHIS) consists of a software package with some additional services. The KHIS allows various (industrial) automation systems, at all levels of the ISA-95 automation pyramid, to communicate with one another. Once the different systems can communicate, data can be exchanged for data acquisition, order tracking and recipe management (to ensure complete System Integration and Systems Interconnection). In addition, there are several additional modules such as: reporting tools, analysis modules, fault reporting modules (SMS or Email), and machine intelligence. These can all be incorporated. Koning & Hartman will take care of the entire process for you, from engineering, database preparation and implementation to user training, maintenance, optimization and analysis.

Learn more?
We gladly inform you in-depth about the KH Information Server and its possibilities.

Your advantages
With the implementation of the KH Information Server, you can increase the productivity and quality of your production process and reduce costs by:

• Being able to manage and act on information from the entire production process without manual intervention.
• Central monitoring, allowing you to better predict maintenance and manage (geographically) remote systems.
• Asset management improvement, by for example having insight in operating hours, switching times of equipment and end-of-life systems.
• To comply with laws and regulations (such as Track & Trace) and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) objectives.
• Better negotiating position and more choices for system suppliers by independence with respect to manufacturing protocols (no manufacturing lock-in).

Why Koning & Hartman?
• The KH Information Server is a software package that supports a wide range of communication protocols. If the communication protocol of your system is currently not supported, then we can develop such a module for you.
• Unique combination of over 40 years of knowledge and experience with industrial systems and consulting issues in the industrial sector.
• Knowledge of vertical system integration at all levels.
• With our knowledge and experience Koning & Hartman assures you of complete unburdening, from A to Z.

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