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Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the most promising developments in the IT world in recent years. The IoT offers the possibility to take action based on newly gathered insights by implementing smart technologies in each part of the company. These new insights mean companies are able to put innovations, cost savings and quality improvements into practice.

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Implementing IoT does not by definition mean new machines, devices and hardware need to be purchased. Your company's current infrastructure can be used, whereby a smart system can be creating by adding sensors, processing power and intelligent operating systems. This is also known as Internet of Your Things.

The most significant advantages of IoT:
• Enhancing efficiency through improved insights and company and production processes
• Cost savings through direct connection from clients to the production floor
• Flexibility for connecting machines, system, buildings and people through cloud services.

Koning & Hartman is an experienced supplier of sensors, robotics, network and communication resources, and the software for making companies smarter. These are the ideal building blocks required for applying the principles of the Internet of Things, and we can assist you implement these in your company. We offer a broad selection of soft- and hardware solutions your company can utilise to arrange your company according to IoT principles. We are furthermore able advise you on how to implement these solutions, and together we can devise a strategy for applying IoT principles based on your current facilities. 

For more information about the possibilities of the Internet of Things, contact our team of IoT-experts.


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