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Indoor Mobility

In today’s society people want to be able their mobile telephone any time, any place. For a long time now, Koning & Hartman has been a system supplier of communication devices in Public Order and Security, and specialises in the field of private communication networks. Our experience and expertise means we offer a complete range of solutions for indoor mobility, consisting of:

- GSM coverage
- C2000 coverage
- Private GSM

GSM coverage
With the solutions for GSM coverage, your employees can remain in communication with their current mobile telephone on the wireless network of their own operator. These systems strengthen the operator’s signal within a building, and inversely also the signal of the mobile telephones in the building to the operator. This system operates with various techniques, including GSM/GPRS/UMTS/HSxPA and LTE. Cooperation from the operator(s) is required for this. This way, you guarantee wireless communication for both permanent staff and visitors, and there are no links with other networks in the building, meaning it remains transparent for operators.

C2000 Coverage
If you own real estate with a public function, such as public car parks, care institutions and tunnels, it may be that this has been or is being designated a Special Coverage Location (SCL) for the C2000 network by the safety region and municipality's executive board. This is an in-house coverage solution for the communication of various emergency services, such as the police, fire service and ambulance services. With our GSM indoor solution, you meet the requirements placed on an SCL. Emergency services are then guaranteed to be able to communicate with each other in your building.

Private GSM solution

An independent GSM network potentially linked to a telephone exchange, whether already existing or not. The ‘normal’ telephone facilities can be dealt with through this network, which are also available in a public GSM network.
Koning & Hartman offers the possibility of adding additional functionalities to the independent GSM network, such as:
- 'Lone worker’ solutions; for employees’ security
- Integrations with evacuation systems
- BHV functionalities
- Remote monitoring of the handset
- Paging over GSM (PZI system)
- Benefits of a private/independent telephone environment:
- All under own management
- One integrated solution (PBX, BHV, alarm systems, paging, PZI, personal safety etc.)
-The system uses ‘normal’ mobile telephones without its own protocols
- Better indoor coverage with GSM technique than with DECT

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