Koning & Hartman supplies powerful and user-friendly control panels from Beijer Electronics and Mitsubishi Electric Industrial Automation. The flexible Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) offer a wide range, provide strong performance and are particularly user friendly. You will find an overview of all HMIs in our webshop (Dutch).

Mitsubishi Electric Industrial GOT1000 series
The GOT1000 series is an extensive range of screens with the renowned Mitsubishi Electric Industrial quality. All panels in the GOT1000 series are equipped with a sturdy touchscreen. The panels boast a high contrast, meaning they are easy to read in any circumstance.

Configuring the HMIs from the GOT1000 series is extremely straightforward using GX Works 3 software, which can be part of the overall iQ Works software suite. Through iQ Works, all definitions of PLC, motion and HMI variables are known to each other, meaning configuration is even faster and more efficient.

The GOT1000 & GOT2000 HMIs are highly complementary to the following Mitsubishi Electric product lines:
• PLCs
• Frequency inverters
• Servo-motion
• Industrial robots

Mitsubishi Electric Industrial E1000 series
With the E1000 series, Mitsubishi Electric provides control panels with modern technology from the Vision 1000 concept. The panels are based on CE technology and are extremely suitable for sending emails and generating web access. The E1000 series are highly compatible with the E-series panels. (E100, E200, E300, E600, E700 etc.).

Beijer Electronics
With its range of iX control panels from Beijer Electronics, Koning & Hartman is a trendsetter in the field of HMI solutions. The iX widescreen touch displays with high resolution are inspired consumer-oriented products such as smartphones and tablets.

The unique iX software makes it possible to create an intuitive and graphic user interface on the platform of your choice. Smart navigation tools assist the user in presenting the relevant information at the right time, leading to a safe operation and an increase in productivity. With the open architecture and technologies supporting the NET Framework, the iX HMI solution is fully open and flexible. State-of-the-art graphics, the solid HMI functionality, the open platform and the smarter design and engineering tools make the panels easy to operate in any circumstance.

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