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Datacenter Solutions

The internet is in constant flux, with more and more data, connections and increasing data traffic. The storage of data (Backup recovery, Long-term retention, Archiving and Long-term storage) is set to continue growing for years to come. What was gathered in data storage worldwide since 1955 is now doubled every year. Up to 2020, there is anticipated growth of 1.5 - 2 ZettaByte a year.

In this time, organisations and their employees are expecting rapid and practical solutions, whereby applications and data having to be available any time and any place; with the role of mobile internet playing an ever greater role and increasingly more data being produced and having to be stored. In this respect, the data centre is the spider in the web.

Koning & Hartman boasts a portfolio with products & solutions for data centres that can be deployed in any scenario desired. These include network
switches and security solutions specifically for data centres. The basic principle is always returns as high as possible with the least use of space and the lowest energy consumption through, among other things, smart design, consolidation and virtualisation.

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