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19-inch Solutions

As founder of the current 19” technology, at present known as Electronic Packaging, Schroff’s portfolio offers a wide range of solutions and products for protecting and housing your expensive electronics.

Within the Schroff Electronic Packaging portfolio you will find a wide range of products and systems for protecting and housing your expensive electronics. Everything you need for the infrastructure of your data-centre or computer room, you will find at Koning & Hartman.

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The Pentair/Schroff product range includes cabinets, containment installations, power distribution, cooling, cable management and monitoring.
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Front panels and Cassettes
Industrial Cooling
Wall housing

Your customised 19” solution
For any issues for which a standard products does not offer the right solution, we develop a tailored-made product in close collaboration with you, among other things by means of 3D modelling and prototype construction. Thanks to our front-panel and assembly services, we do the work for you, meaning you can concentrate on your core tasks. Want to know more? Get in touch through the contact form on our website (without any obligations).

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