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Koning & Hartman designs, constructs and manages infrastructures for fixed and mobile telecommunication. We provide products, services and complete solutions for data and speech traffic to public services, security services and to large and small industries and companies. Our consultants are experts in this market and enjoy the status of preferred supplier for several clients.

Koning & Hartman is active in the Public Order and Safety, Public Transport and Goods Transport, Industry, Cable Operators and Business Community markets. In these sectors, we are making the difference for clients such as Vodafone, Ericsson, DSM, Tata Steel, UPC, KPN, Nokia Siemens Networks, Ziggo, T-mobile, KBC Bank, SNS Bank, Vervoersmaatschappij Utrecht, Brandweer, Politie and Haagse Tram Maatschappij.

Want to Know More?
Looking for more information regarding our products and systems, such as, for example, walkie-talkies, headsets, mobile computers (rugged laptops and tablets, vehicle PCs) or systems, such as alarm centres, indoor coverage or complete telephony solutions? Visit our 'Products and Systems' page.

Looking for information regarding our work in the field of cable, fibre optics and mobile networks? How our consultants can make the difference for your company? Or what our Managed Services department can do for you regarding management and maintenance? Please contact us so we can provide you with the specific information

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Looking for a telecom product? In our webshop, you will find everything*

* - Webshop only available in Dutch. A lot of products do contain English datasheets and brochures with technical specifications.


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