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Corporate Sustainability

Corporate social responsibility is an important part of our internal business operations. We pay a lot of attention to good employment practices, an active environmental policy, reducing energy consumption and supporting social initiatives. Where possible, we use sustainable goods and supply sustainable solutions.

Industrial solutions can also be green. Koning & Hartman helps companies that are looking for sustainability regarding their end products. Our consultants have ample experience with sustainable projects. Examples are CO2 and energy consumption reducing projects at Mora, Ericsson and at several water and high water boards.

Key points for corporate sustainability:

- Good employment practices
- Using sustainable goods
- Supplying sustainable solutions
- Supporting charities
- Reducing energy consumption
- Making our vehicle fleet more eco-friendly

Koning & Hartman Network Services in Veenendaal participates in the 'Rij2op5' initiative. Currently, 25% of employed Dutch citizens travel by bicycle. That is over 1.5 million employees; however, on the short distances up to 15 km there are a lot of commuters that (almost) always exclusively use the car to drive to work.

Rij2op5 wants to emphasise the advantages of cycling and wants to let you experience them as well as lower the threshold to start using the bicycle by, for example, introducing the E-bike (electric bicycle) to you. As a motorist, you decide for yourself on which days and in which week you take the bike or the car, because cycling twice a week already makes a big difference with respect to, for example, sufficient exercise, accessibility of cities or CO2 emission.

A number of our Veenendaal employees participate in the Rij2op5 campaign.

Koning & Hartman is a registered participant of ICT Milieu: