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Our mission

Technology plays a key role in society. Digitization is leading to a hyper-connected world where technology takes prime position in all the various facets of society.

The market is demanding specific technology-based solutions with the focus on availability and reliability.

Mission statement

We ensure that our customers can benefit from using technology that enables them to become smarter, more reliable and more sustainable.

Our people
Technology is our business, which in turn is fulfilled, designed and implemented by our own people. Technology itself is not specifically unique; but our people certainly are!

The combination of the technological knowledge and experience of our people and the products, systems and services we deliver to our customers has made us a unique player in the world of telecommunications and industry. When combining technology and innovation we call it Technovation.

Koning & Hartman is affiliated with ICT-Office, the industry association for IT, Telecom, Internet and Office companies.

Koning & Hartman is an approved work placement company, certified in accordance with Ecabo (knowledge centre for vocational education for the business community) and Kenteq (register for approved work placement companies).