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Our mission

Koning & Hartman is a unique technology company for telecom, industry and infrastructure. You might not see us that often, but the past week you have come into contact with us five times already.

We advise, design, supply, implement, and provide maintenance and management. Our employees are working 24/7 to contribute to the Dutch infrastructure, industry and telecom. Technology is in our blood and we are proud of what we, as a company, achieve. We take pride in the clients we work for. We always go the extra mile and make sure that we honour our agreements. This is how we make the difference.

Technology is our business, but that technology is executed, developed and implemented by people. And our people are exactly the ones making the difference. For every client, for every project. Always and everywhere.

Koning & Hartman is affiliated with ICT-Office, the industry association for IT, Telecom, Internet and Office companies.

Koning & Hartman is an approved work placement company, certified in accordance with Ecabo (knowledge centre for vocational education for the business community) and Kenteq (register for approved work placement companies).