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Smart Industry Scan

The Koning & Hartman Smart Industry Scan is a specialized, independent and confidential scan of your organization by Koning & Hartman technology consultants. The Smart Industry Scan offers an accessible way to explore and experience the added value of Smart Industry. Our consultants have years of experience in improvement projects at various multinational industrial companies and have extensive experience performing these scans.

What is the Smart Industry Scan?
Our technology consultants create a drill-down of your current organization(s). In it, all aspects of Smart Industry are analyzed. This includes, among other things:

• Data acquisition
• Automated communication between various systems, both horizontally as vertically.
• Advanced data analytics, including a free dashboard.
• Visualization and optimization.  

Also, things like predictive maintenance, alarm management, asset monitoring, cloud services and visualization of key performance indicators are discussed. A NDA is logically part of this scan.

The Smart Industry scan forms the basis for the advisory report which follows. A report which consists of a ‘menu’ of several improvement plans, all of which are specifically aimed at increasing efficiency.

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