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Smart Industry

A regularly quoted fallacy: “Smart Industry is only for large industrial companies in the Netherlands and isn’t for the SME sector.” That’s completely untrue. Smart Industry is for every kind of company, no matter how large or small. The Dutch and Belgian markets are noted for their dynamism, but until now, industry remains rather conservative. Although this is starting to change with the start of the Dutch Campaign for Smart Industry in 2015. 'Dutch industry fit for the future'. For many years Koning & Hartman Consulting has been involved in the design and development of smart solutions for industrial environments.

What is Smart Industry?

Smart Industry concerns far-reaching digitization and the acquisition of equipment, production resources and organisations (‘Internet of Things’) that allow new ways of producing things, as well as innovative business models and the creation of new sectors. Smart Industry optimises production by deploying ICT. Smart machinery and robots that communicate with each other and that can trace and rectify defects. Man-machine interaction is also optimised. This results in industry being able to produce things faster, more sustainably and cheaper.

Round Tables Smart Industry
Smart Industry is a 'hot issue'. Koning & Hartman has organised various Smart Industry Round Tables attended by a diverse range of participants. These include AFP, DSM, Fokker, ORTEC, PostNL, UMC Utrecht, Walibi Holland and a number of water companies who have all been received at our headquarters in Amsterdam. The Round Tables are proving to be inspirational knowledge exchange sessions where various aspects of the Smart Industry concept are examined. Link Magazine has also attended, and they have written an article about one Smart Industry Round Table held in November 2015. Further information and a summary of all Round Tables is available at: please see our Academy page

KH Smart Industry: Promising Efficiency
Koning & Hartman has extensive experience in the industry. Our Consultants are involved in a large number of extensive industrial automation projects. The objective is always the same: creating smarter and more efficient production methods. Everything is based on KH Information Server (KHIS), which is the methodology used. All information systems, including ERP, MES and CAD, and all machinery, regardless of make and model, and all sensors and actuators must be able to communicate with each other and the internet. The information generated should then be deployed. This includes visualisation and optimisation based on scientific models, which provide opportunities for predictive maintenance and forecasting for example. All this with the ultimate objective of being able to make data-driven decisions: in other words, the ability to take rational and optimal decisions autonomously.

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