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Project Management

Our project managers and leaders ensure that your projects are delivered within the stated time scale, deploying the right resources, and are within budget and in accordance with the agreed quality requirements.

The Koning & Hartman Consultants can be deployed in your business operations and projects both ad interim or on a project basis. They use proven project management methods such as Prince2 and PMI, supported by the GAMP5 method. Our project managers run all project management activities from project definition to implementation, through to budgeting, planning, management reports, risk management, commercial aspects, etc. Your projects are in reliable hands.

The role of project managers varies, although it mainly focuses on process automation, process improvements and procedures and legislation that applies to the pharmaceutical, chemical, and the oil & gas industries, as well as drinking water production and waste water purification, food & beverages and services.

Koning & Hartman is expert in the area of
underground infrastructure, such as fibre optics. We have consultants that can make substantial improvements to your organisation in this area. This is thanks to their extensive knowledge and experience in dealing with large and complicated projects.

Municipalities: mandatory procedures and regulations
Because of the enormous increase in the deployment of underground infrastructures, regulations have sharply increased over the last few years with respect to both procedures and implementation. The Telecommunications Act means that every municipality is obliged to have regulations that contains the rules for determining the cable and pipeline infrastructure. The municipalities must determine the basic principles regarding spatial planning, the environment and financial issues for example. However, many municipalities are unclear as to whether their regulations meet all the requirements. Our consultants would be happy to assist and advise you on such matters. Moreover, they specialise in giving advice, dealing with complaints and incident management (from the integration of above-ground equipment and drawing up a communications plan for residents, through to providing legal advice and dealing with damage) and quality management and reporting (seeking consent, inspecting road works, procedures concerning traffic diversions and delivering reports).

The consultants at Koning & Hartman can make all the difference
Is your municipality planning to change over to fibre optics, or are you already busy on a project? Koning & Hartman consultants have extensive knowledge of the telecoms market and can provide support with cable and fibre optic projects.
Read about how our consultants can help you with management, roll-out, site acquisition, claim management and contract and customer relationship management, Smart Industry and the Internet of Things.

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