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Our consultants represent our capital. They possess in-depth knowledge of the industry and the telecommunications market and are able to quickly adapt to the prevailing corporate culture while simultaneously increasing their knowledge enabling them to deliver added value every time.

Our consultants specialise in the following areas of telecommunications:  
• Project management
• Roll-out management
• Site acquisition
• Legal services

Thanks to our experience in acquiring installation sites on roofs, free-standing masts and high tension masts for GSM and UMTS, we have been awarded preferred supplier status by several customers.

Process optimisation is essential in the industrial sector. From small software changes, through to totally new automation processes the Koning & Hartman Consultants can provide support for every type of project. Whether it concerns technical engineering or designs regarding Smart Industry and the Internet of Things. Since 2016 we've been appointed by the Ministry of Economic affairs as one of the 'Smart Industry Ambassadors' in the Netherlands.

An excellent example of a development regarding Smart Industry is the KH Information Server designed by our Consultants, which is an internally developed solution giving full control over production processes.

Young Professionals
Moreover, we have an enthusiastic team of Young Professionals. Read all about our Young Professionals Programme here.

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